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Sometimes we all experience a truly transforming time of a complete happiness and harmony with the Universe and when you literally want to embrace the whole world. For every this case I want to create an art work and a short story as a reminiscence of the most beautiful moments of life.

I named it -“Embrace the World” story and art project.

Book cover 2.png
Deep energy of wave.jpg

What is a colour of the sea? You always ask yourself this question when you see it. And the answers are always different. Even trying to name a colour is always challenging. Far away near the horizon it can be dark blue almost ink, in the middle it is violet or purple under the sunlight, in cloudy weather it can be grey, on the crest of a wave it is transparent blue, and near the shore it is a mixture of sand- blue and white waves. Crimson red at sunset, sunny and radiant during the day, pale pink in the morning. The sea has an elusive colour. It changes with the waves, the sun, the wind, the clouds, the seasons. It changes with the mood. It can be the colour of relaxation and joy, the colour of warmth and sun. It can be cold and harsh with a refreshing breeze and prickly droplets of cold waves. The colour is different, amazing and unpredictable, which is why it is always interesting and you can look at the sea for a long time, looking at its life and how the colour changes with it.

Aroma of morning coffee.jpeg

Aroma of the morning coffee Waking up very early in the morning when everyone is still asleep. Making a coffee and going outside. The whole city is still sleeping. The events, the hustle and bustle of yesterday, lay like a fine dust on the streets overnight and have not yet been picked up by passers-by and cars. The news has not yet filled the airwaves and the whole space is enjoying a moment of emptiness and silence. In these moments, the aroma of coffee fills the air, embraces you and you are immersed in its shades and enjoy its company. Bitter, it tones and awakens, but does it gently, creating some kind of mystical ritual that you want to repeat again tomorrow.

Sunset 2.jpg

Sunset. Sometimes we are lucky to see an amazing sunset. It is full of beauty, pleasant and amazing play of colours, soft shades, unique play of clouds, reflections, shadows. It seems that it is unimaginably alive, changing and elusive. Just a few minutes before the sun disappears, but during this time a real drama of light, shadows, colours and shades takes place in the sky. Everything is dynamic, everything changes and gives amazingly beautiful pictures. Impossible to resist, the sunset attracts and fills the whole space. It seems to fill everything inside, everything around. Together with it, you experience an inner transformation. It is at this moment that you realize some kind of infinity and at the same time the finiteness of life. In these short minutes it is possible to stop time and look beyond the horizon where the struggle of light and darkness, day and night begins and ends at the same time. It is at the moment of the end of one and the beginning of another that there is an acute awareness of what has ended and what is beginning. It is at sunset that you feel sadness for the past day, and at the same moment, in an incomprehensible way, a feeling of its infinity comes. As if, together with the last rays, it simply transforms into something different, different, but at the same time just as complete and conscious, darker and more mysterious. And this metamorphosis allows you to feel life more sharply. Therefore, it is so beautiful to look at sunsets, they teach you to love every day, the way how winter teaches you to wait and long for spring, how separation awaits a meeting, how a seed turns into a sprout, and a larva into a butterfly. We are fascinated, when suddenly everything changes and we find ourselves in a new reality and feel the endless variability of life and the amazing beauty to which we experience endless curiosity and interest. All sunsets are different, but we often do not notice them and rush in our cycle of busy tasks, often not noticing the days and weeks. But, as soon as you suddenly get out into nature and find yourself in a field one to one with this extraordinary miracle, – you will be standing spellbound looking at the riot of colours, at the play of shadows and sun glare. You will be looking at the fading and reflection of the last rays, and your soul will find a deep peace, thoughts and gaze will go beyond the horizon and the energy of beauty will fill your heart soul. Gratitude, joy and awe fill the body and there remains a calm and pleasant feeling that you carry with you for a long time. Try to look at sunsets more often, they teach you to love every day.

Mediterranean dream.jpg

Have you heard how the yacht masts can sing? One evening, when the weather worsens a little, and the wind is gaining the necessary strength, the masts of the yachts staying in marina begin to sing. They seem to remember their adventures and voyages and express them in their song, which the wind picks up and carries on. This is such a quiet bewitching whistle and grunting of chains and tapping of gear, the rustle of flags, swaying sides and squelching waves. Everything together turns into a melody of sounds, which is also ready to pick you up and take you away to dreams, blue horizons, to wind-filled sails, the yacht’s swift gliding through the waves, the delight and joy of the crew, the skipper’s concentration, to the exclamations of seagulls. It brings you to what the masts have seen, and what they are now singing about. Like birds in a cage, they are tied to anchors and piers, they cannot break free, but they are free in their song. You can listen to them for a long time and remember your adventures, think about the next trip and sing along without noticing it.

By the pond.jpg

Sounds and Silence Many different sounds could be heard that evening. How the cricket sings, how the masts and tackles rustle, how the fish blows bubbles, and suddenly there was a clatter behind – the dog ran and claws clung to the asphalt. That evening there were no people on the streets and no cars. The Greek town in which I stopped was frozen in lockdown. The city remained on its own with its sounds and its life. It became as audible how the paper rustled, how the foliage on the tree trembled. Suddenly, from the noise of the city there was silence filled with sounds. I sat on the bench and enjoyed it. I was deceived by a cricket and I laughed at it. He climbed somewhere in the middle of the lamppost and chirped from there, and for a long time I could not understand what kind of singing lamp it was), until I knocked on it and the cricket fell silent. After the noise, there was silence and then there were sounds.

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