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I am Ukrainian and at this extremely tragic time for my country I am helping Ukraine through the art and donate from the sales of my artworks.

I very much ask everyone to stand with Ukraine and protect our common future, our families and our values!

I am a co-founder of the charitable project "Kids and Art for Ukraine" to support children affected by the war. 

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Charitable project “Kids and Art for Ukraine” started in the summer of 2022 in response to the war on Ukraine - to help the children affected by the war and provide them with humanitarian and educational support, and to offer psychological and therapeutic relief from the brutal reality of the war they found themselves in. 

This project already involved 410 young artists and provided support to 32 educational centres and art schools from all regions of Ukraine.

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And I am a co-founder and teacher at "Ukrainian Arts Hub"


Ukrainian Arts Hub was established in the UK by local Ukrainians initially to support those arriving in the area after the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine.
As well as providing music, art, dance, wellbeing and other educational activities to displaced adults and children, it assists with the integration into the UK workforce for displaced artists, teachers and musicians
by providing  opportunities and other relevant training and networking.

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