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”Painting is like a sailing or travelling in mind, time and space to explore our beautiful world. It is also a way to create your own Universe and fill it with colours of love, peace, hope and happiness."

My name is Stanislav Suprunenko and I am very much in love with our unbelievably beautiful nature, which is an endless source of inspiration, creativity, happiness and positive energy. 

For 20 years I have been working on various environmental protection projects and through the art I want to share my love to our mother Earth, to reflect its beauty and urge everyone to protect Her.

I also like sailing and exploring the world, and from every adventure I bring inspiring memories to transform them into painting and to continue that beautiful journey...


I am a friend of Royal Academy of Art, a member of the Arts Society and Ukrainian Artists Union and a certified therapeutic art life coach.

I am also co-founder and a teacher at Ukrainian Arts Hub, and a co-founder of the charitable project to support Ukrainian children - "Kids and Art for Ukraine" -


My contacts: and Facebook page: Stanislav Suprunenko

Please visit my art journey through a number of years and I am very thankful for every inspiring day when I could express love, peace, hope and happiness through art!


World and life are so beautiful - we should embrace every moment!

Sometimes we all experience a truly transforming time of a complete happiness and harmony with the Universe and when you literally want to embrace the whole world. For every this case I want to create an art work and a short story as a reminiscence of the most beautiful moments of life. 

I named it -“Embrace the World” story and art project.

Deep energy of wave.jpg

What is a colour of the sea? You always ask yourself this question when you see it. And the answers are always different. Even trying to name a colour is always challenging. Far away near the horizon it can be dark blue almost ink, in the middle it is violet or purple under the sunlight, in cloudy weather it can be grey, on the crest of a wave it is transparent blue, and near the shore it is a mixture of sand- blue and white waves. Crimson red at sunset, sunny and radiant during the day, pale pink in the morning. The sea has an elusive colour. It changes with the waves, the sun, the wind, the clouds, the seasons. It changes with the mood. It can be the colour of relaxation and joy, the colour of warmth and sun. It can be cold and harsh with a refreshing breeze and prickly droplets of cold waves. The colour is different, amazing and unpredictable, which is why it is always interesting and you can look at the sea for a long time, looking at its life and how the colour changes with it.

I am Ukrainian and at this extremely tragic time for my country I am helping Ukraine through the art and donate from the sales of my artworks.

I very much ask everyone to stand with Ukraine and protect our common future, our families and our values!

I am a co-founder of the charitable project "Kids and Art for Ukraine" to support children affected by the war. 


United by Love and Art to provide safe and happy Future!


After the birth of our daughter we decided to dedicate her a project that will unite people through Love and Art to protect our Future and make it happy and safe for our children! 

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